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Profissional trabalhando com equipamento de segurança representando a Horiens.

Compliance at Horiens

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Horiens Integrity System

At Horiens, we have adopted a Integrity System inspired on the best global practices and on the respect for the law. It is composed of three pillars: prevention, detection, and remediation of risks and misconduct, unfolding into 10 integrated measures for the promotion of an organizational culture that supports the Code of Conduct, our commitment to acting ethically with integrity and transparency.

Our Integrity System is an organic structure, with interdependence among the 10 measures. It works effectively when there is harmony among its pillars and when implemented in an integrated manner with our other policies.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment presents the 10 principles adopted by all members to combat and not tolerate corruption in any of its forms in the conduct of our business and investments.

These principles are aligned with Our Culture and must be practiced responsibly in all areas of work, without flexibilizations.

Code of Conduct

By conviction, we assume the commitment to act ethically, with integrity and transparency. This commitment, reinforced by our Integrity System, is essential to our survival, growth, and perpetuity.

Horiens has two Codes of Conduct that bring together, in a clear and objective manner, a set of guidelines and present the conduct expected from our members and partners with whom Horiens relates.

Click here to access the Horiens Members Code of Conduct.

Click here to access the Horiens Supplier Code of Conduct.

Ethics Line

The Ethics Line Channel is an exclusive and confidential tool for secure and, if desired, anonymous reporting of conduct that violates Our Commitment, our Code of Conduct and/or any policy, guideline, internal regulation and applicable laws.

The information is received by an independent and specialized company, ensuring absolute secrecy and non-retaliation of the whistleblower. The report can be made through the website (click here) or by phone: 0800 377 8011 (only calls from Brazil).

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