Surety Bonds, Credit and Political Risk

The Insurance Bond is an essential instrument for allowing business and assuring the delivery ability of projects. It deals about an additional credit facility, with competitive cost and without financial institutions dependency, utilized by companies of the most varied segments to assure the performance of agreements in the foreseen terms and costs, in addition to assure a liquidity in suits.

Why to use the Insurance Bond?

  • Off balance credit facility
  • Flow cash relief
  • Most competitive cost related to banking facilities
  • Consolidated product with full market acceptation
  • Contributes for the feasibility of financings

Pioneering spirit and reference in structuration of national and international bond lines

Horiens is one of the first companies to utilize financial bonds through insurances in Brazil, such as banking bond, influencing the creation of a new work model and bringing a new dynamism for the market. Since then, there are more than USD 25 billion in bonds to support companies in a variety of segments in Brazil and abroad to conduct business in a structured and safe basis.

Subscription and analysis of credit for qualified risk sale

The solid and long-term partnership with international insurance and reinsurance market along more than 40 years has been constructed day by day through transparence, qualified offers and close relationship.

Ability to meet great projects

Our expertise involves the management and structuring of surety bond programs for large-sized projects in segments such as infrastructure, petrochemical, power, oil & gas and others, through international operations leveraging available financing and turning complex challenges into viable solutions. Projects such as Santo Antônio Energia (a Brazilian powerplant) and Rota das Bandeiras (a roadway in the state of São Paulo), among other Latin American projects, illustrate our performance in the surety market.

Main modalities

  • Bid Bond (proposal guarantee)
  • Performance Bond (contract performance guarantee)
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Retention Bond
  • Judicial/Appeal Bond
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Political Risk Insurance

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