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Surety Bonds, Credit and Political Risk

Warranty titles

The Guarantee is used today as one of the options to ensure the faithful fulfillment of contractual obligations assumed by the contractor. Furthermore, as it is also considered a credit line option, it is widely used as a Judicial Guarantee.

Why to use the Insurance Bond?

  • Off balance credit facility
  • Flow cash relief
  • Most competitive cost related to banking facilities
  • Consolidated product with full market acceptation
  • Contributes for the feasibility of financings

Pioneering spirit and reference in structuration of national and international bond lines

With over 40 years of experience and networking with the global Guarantee market, Horiens was a pioneer in Brazil in structuring projects through Guarantee Insurance, influencing the creation of new business opportunities and bringing a new dynamism to the market. There are already more than US$25 billion in Guarantees issued to support small and large companies to conduct business in a structured, secure and competitive way.

Subscription and analysis of credit for qualified risk sale

The solid and long-term partnership with international insurance and reinsurance market along more than 40 years has been constructed day by day through transparence, qualified offers and close relationship.

Experience in serving large projects

Our expertise involves the management and structuring of guarantee programs in large projects in the areas of infrastructure, petrochemicals, energy, oil and gas, among others, through international operations that allow us to leverage financing and transform complex challenges into viable solutions. Projects such as Santo Antônio Energia, Rota das Bandeiras and Thermoelectric and Hydroelectric in Latin America are also references of our performance in Guarantee Insurance.

Main modalities of Guarantee Insurance

  • Judicial Guarantee Insurance and Tax Enforcement
  • Appeal deposit
  • Bidder/Bidder or Bid Bond (Bid Bond)
  • Performer Builder, Supplier and Service Provider (Field Fulfillment of Obligations / Performance Bond)
  • Advance payment
  • Payment Retention
  • Completion Bond
  • Corrective Maintenance (Perfect Operation)
  • Real Estate Exchange


Credit Insurance protects against the risk of financial losses arising from installment sales, that is, it guarantees the indemnity of the insured company if it does not receive the credit due by its customers due to default, insolvency (judicial recovery and bankruptcy) or policies events that impact the ability to pay.

Horiens has extensive experience in developing customized solutions for clients with credit exposure, supporting companies in managing these risks, which are enhanced in periods of economic instability and global crises.

In addition to guaranteeing the receipt of future income and managing the risk related to credit losses, taking out Credit Insurance brings the additional benefit of supporting competitive funding rates in the financial market.

Political Risks

Increasingly, investors and companies must be prepared to deal with uncertainties arising from macroeconomic and social policy decisions in the regions in which they operate. Political Risk Insurance offers protection against events of political origin that change the expected result and value of a given economic action.

The main coverages for Political Risk focus on expropriation (illegal, arbitrary or discriminatory government actions that lead to the deprivation of total or partial investment or that impact the payment of obligations), political violence (physical damage caused by war, civil war , revolution, sabotage and terrorism, leading to interruption of activities) and impossibility of currency conversion.

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