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Profissional usando óculos e capacete de proteção exemplificando a análise e o acompanhamento de risco dos seguros da Horiens.


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End-to-end insurance management

In a rapidly changing world, increasingly competitive markets, and growing global challenges, having a tailor-made risk and insurance program for your business is crucial.

Horiens’ working methodology encompasses the entire risk management cycle, from the identification and analysis stage to the definition of mitigation plans and risk transfer to the insurance market – one of the primary ways to address specific risks – to the ongoing monitoring of risks and claims. This ensures alignment with the business dynamics and excellence in insurance management.

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    • Customer-oriented vision, creating tailor-made insurance solutions
    • Consolidated knowledge and experience in various market sectors
    • Use of emerging technologies for product innovation and decision making
    • Ability to work on large national and international projects
    • Qualified underwriting for the insurance market
    • Monitoring the regulation of complex claims, with low litigation
  • The success in claims recovery is the result of a differentiated risk management approach combined with the technical expertise and experience of our team, in partnership with claims specialists and insurers.

    During the claims settlement process, we strongly focus on aligning technical and procedural knowledge, ensuring transparency and efficiency to achieve a timely resolution with high effectiveness.

    In addition, the work performed by Horiens enhances the capture of lessons learned from claims settlement and incorporates improvement points into future policies.

  • In an increasingly digital world, the question is not if your company will be targeted by cyber attacks, but rather when it will happen. That’s why it’s important to always stay one step ahead of the risk. How?

    At Horiens, our work model is designed to support companies throughout this journey of cyber resilience. By understanding the vulnerabilities of your company in the virtual world and quantifying the real impacts to the business profile, your company can adopt the best preventive measures, including effective strategies for risk transfer and mitigation.

    To achieve this, in a distinctive format, we combine our knowledge in enterprise and operational risk management with qualified partners who have a recognized track record in the cybersecurity field to support companies in all markets.

    Protect your business to match the risks it is exposed to.

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