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Mãe, pai e filho se divertindo juntos representando os benefícios do programa de saúde da Horiens.

Corporate Health and Benefits

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Tailor-made health and corporate benefits programs

We support companies from a wide range of industries in their challenges related to the protection of people and managing corporate insurance and benefits programs.

Our approach to health and benefits insurance solutions is consultative and personalized, always considering regional and cultural specificities. We bring close relationships, knowledge, security, technologies and data analytics for accurate projection of healthcare costs and identification of patterns and behaviors.

This results in a tailored combination of products and services that provide full support to our clients in taking care of their employees.

With decades of experience as a risk management consultancy and insurance broker on a national and international scale, we cultivate solid, transparent and long-term partnerships with the insurance market, prioritizing the quality of the underwriting process and the pursuit for the best results equation.

  • Aiming for the sustainability of the policies, Horiens relies on the partnership with Healthbit to support data-based management, collaborating to underpin preventive work in health, cost control and risk mitigation of health portfolios.

Health and benefits solutions:

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