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Transportation & Logistics (Marine)

Transportation and Logistics Insurance Policies are designed to meet the needs for protecting cargo transported by any means in both Brazil and abroad.

Horiens conducts in-depth analysis of loss and risk scenarios, and the specific business needs of its clients. Our vast experience in underwriting transportation and logistics insurance has enabled customized solutions for loss prevention and risk management in major logistics operations and industrial projects involving complex cargoes and significant numbers.

Domestic & International Transportation

Insurance for the shipper and owner of cargo to protect against damages to cargo during transportation.

Carrier's General Liability (RC)

Insurance for the Carrier’s General Liability guaranteeing the payment of compensation for material damages suffered by third-party goods during transport.

Stock Throughput (STP)

Insurance coverage for the entire logistics chain with a focus on the combination of transport and storage operations.

Delay in Start-Up Coverage (DSU);

Insurance to cover loss of revenue due to delays in the start of project operations due to an incident that occurred during the transportation of equipment.

Port Operator

Comprehensive Port Operator covering General Liability, Physical Damage to Property and Real Estate and Loss of Revenue.

Maritime Hulls

Cover for Hull, Machinery and equipment, which can be extended to general liability due to accident, assistance and rescue as well as wreck removal. Ideal for commercial and leisure vessels.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • Property for Warehouses
  • Shipbuilder and Repairer
  • Values RD
  • Environmental RC
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • Export Credit
  • Aviation
  • Cyber Risks

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