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Profissional com óculos e capacete de proteção representando os seguros da Horiens para o setor de infraestrutura.


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Risk and insurance in the infrastructure sector

All types of civil works, installation and assembly – highways, hydroelectric dams, dams, ports, airports, tunnels, bridges and industries, among others – are part of a complex scenario that requires in-depth and specialized knowledge to ensure the best risk management during all stages of the project.

Horiens is a specialist in risk intelligence and insurance, including programs focused on Project Finance, in the infrastructure market, adding experience in hundreds of projects in Brazil and abroad over more than 45 years.

Our track record includes risk management and insurance for over 80 hydroelectric power plants, 18 thermal power plants, 2 nuclear power plants, 1 photovoltaic plant, 107 power transmission lines, assembly of 599 thousand tons in industrial projects, 14 thousand km of highways, 2.8 thousand km of railways, 26 subway and urban train lines, 55 ports, 45 airports, 259 water and sewage treatment plants, 5,680 km of gas and oil pipelines, 73 offshore structures, among other projects.

The construction and infrastructure insurance managed by Horiens is a reference for its tailor- made clauses, introduction of new coverages and conditions, contributing significantly to the modernization of the insurance market mainly in Brazil, Latin America and Africa.

  • Coverage for Civil Works under Construction (CWC), Installation and Assembly (IA) and Machinery Breakdown (MBD).

  • Coverage of loss of expected profits due to accidents that affect deadlines and progress of civil construction works.

  • Coverage for material and personal damage caused to third parties related to the execution of the project.

  • Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Release and Retention/Retainage Bonds, and Warranty Bonds, among others.

  • Insurance for transportation companies and cargo owner to protect goods in transit.

  • Cyber Insurance provides protection against damages to third parties and to the insured party itself, arising from cyber breaches and attacks. Indemnities include coverages related to business interruption, asset and data recovery, privacy breach, extortion, defense and conviction, and regulatory process sanctions and penalties (LGPD/GDPR), among others.

  • D&O (Directors and Officers Liability Insurance) is aimed at protecting the assets of executives.

    This is a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, purchased by a legal entity, with the aim of protecting the assets of its executives when they are held personally liable, either judicially or administratively, for decisions that have caused unintentional harm (bodily injury, property damage, or reputational damage) to third parties.

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