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Plataforma offshore de extração de petróleo da indústria de óleo e gás.

Energy, Oil & Gas

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Risk and insurance in the energy, oil and gas sector

The past few decades have brought significant advancements to society, prompting changes across the entire industry. In the energy, oil, and gas sector, the transformations are remarkable, strongly influenced by the growing demand for energy and advancements in ESG practices.

Projects aimed at preserving energy security worldwide, as well as those related to the diversification of the global energy mix, are strategic agendas in the sector that require risk management and insurance programs tailored to their risk profile and complexity.

Horiens has over 45 years of experience in this sector, providing risk consultancy services, including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs that cover corporate, business, and project levels.

With a focus on addressing risks and insurance related to people, the environment, assets, and operations, Horiens specializes in managing insurance programs for physical damage, third- party liability, business interruption, environmental damage, and civil liability.

Our expertise and relationships with national and international insurers and reinsurers in the Energy Insurance sector, including the Lloyd’s Market and P&I Clubs, enable us to leverage direct benefits for an appropriate and efficient insurance program. It also allows for a technical and qualified interface between the client and the markets when it comes to coverage placement and support in the claims settlement and indemnification process.

Considering the need for structured financing for highly complex projects in this sector, Horiens also has extensive experience in raising funds, conducting due diligence, and monitoring the obligations of such financing arrangements. This expertise applies to structures such as Project Finance and Project Bonds.

  • Insurance of losses and physical damage to the unit, whether partial or total, including its equipment and associated costs.

  • Coverage for legal claims and exposures, including damages to third parties, crew, pollution, wreck removal, collision and other risks.

  • Insurance for loss or interruption of income due to the occurrence of an insurable event.

  • Offshore construction insurance for contracts related to construction and conversion of vessels, platforms and subsea construction, including physical damages and general liabilities.

  • Cyber Insurance provides protection against damages to third parties and to the insured party itself, arising from cyber breaches and attacks. Indemnities include coverages related to business interruption, asset and data recovery, privacy breach, extortion, defense and conviction, and regulatory process sanctions and penalties (LGPD/GDPR), among others.

  • D&O (Directors and Officers Liability Insurance) is aimed at protecting the assets of executives.This is a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, purchased by a legal entity, with the aim of protecting the assets of its executives when they are held personally liable, either judicially oradministratively, for decisions that have caused unintentional harm (bodily injury, property damage, or reputational damage) to third parties.

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