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All kinds of civil construction work – highways, hydroelectric plants, dams, ports, airports, tunnels, bridges and industries, among others – are part of a complex scenario that requires deep and specialized knowledge to ensure the best possible transfer of risks, through insurance or agreements, which may occur during the construction or assembly stages.

Horiens specializes in intelligence for risks, insurance and programs focused on Project Finance in the infrastructure market, accumulating experience in hundreds of projects in Brazil and abroad over more than 40 years.

Our trajectory includes more than 80 hydroelectric plants, 18 thermoelectric plants, 2 nuclear power plants, 1 photovoltaic plant, 107 power transmission lines, more than 400 industrial works, 14,000 km of highways, 2,800 km of railways, 24 subway lines, 55 ports, 45 airports, 256 water and sewage treatment plants, pipelines and pipelines, offshore structures, among other projects.

The insurance policies for the construction industry, administered by Horiens, are a reference due to their tailor-made wording, the introduction of new coverages and conditions, contributing to the modernization of the insurance markets predominantly in Brazil, Latin America, and Africa.

Engineering Risks (CWC/IA/MBD)

Coverage for Civil Works under Construction (CWC), Installation and Assembly (IA) and Machinery Breakdown (MBD).

Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP)

Coverage of loss of expected profits due to accidents that affect deadlines and progress of civil construction works.

Construction General Liability

Cobertura para danos materiais e corporais causados a terceiros relacionados à execução do projeto.

Contractual Surety Bonds

Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Release and Retention/Retainage Bonds, and Warranty Bonds, among others.

Inland and International Cargo

Insurance for transportation companies and cargo owner to protect goods in transit.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • Work support equipment
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • Maritime Hulls
  • Protection & Indemnity (P&I)
  • Environmental
  • Professional Civil Liability
  • Civil Liability of Administrators
  • Cyber Risks
  • Terrorism
  • Property
  • Political Risk (Confiscation and Expropriation)
  • People (Health, Life, Personal Accidents, among others)
  • Real Estate Exchange Guarantee

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