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Profissional realizando manutenção nos trilhos de um metrô ilustrando as concessões e PPPs da Horiens.

Concessões e PPPs

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Risks and insurance for Concessions and PPPs

Management of public concessions and participation in public-private partnerships (PPPs) require complex and comprehensive risk and insurance programs. In recent years, we have helped companies operating in this market, proposing customized solutions based on an in-depth analysis of the specific characteristics of each project.

The work begins in the stage of project study and bidding and relies on the technical analysis of risks and potential losses. Horiens experts support clients in negotiating premises and clauses of Notices and Concession Agreements, seeking a sustainable risk allocation among stakeholders. In addition to meeting all the requirements of the Granting Power, Horiens works to design customized coverage, with the objective of effectively transferring the risks to the insurance market.

In cases where the Concession or PPP is conceived in a Project Finance framework, we support the negotiation and contracting of the Insurance and Guarantees package with Insurance Advisors from funders and investors.

Our expertise includes large projects and operations in Brazil and abroad for the highways, metropolitan trains, subways, airports, ports and sanitation sectors.

  • Coverage for damages caused by insurable events (external causes and/or implementation and design error) while carrying out engineering, installation and assembly works and services, extending to financial losses resulting from delays in the commercial startup due to material damage (ALOP).

  • Coverage for material, bodily, moral and aesthetic damages caused to third parties and employees in insurable events arising from the work.

  • Coverage for material damages caused to property by insurable events, with extension of coverage for loss of revenue due to material damages covered by the policy.

  • Coverage for damages (material, physical, moral and aesthetic) caused to third parties and employees due to insurable events resulting from the operation.

  • Coverage of port duties, involving material and third-party damages arising from insurable accidents in the operation.

  • Guarantee to submit the proposal/bid.

  • Guarantee of compliance with the concession agreement.

  • Cyber Insurance provides protection against damages to third parties and to the insured party itself, arising from cyber breaches and attacks. Indemnities include coverages related to business interruption, asset and data recovery, privacy breach, extortion, defense and conviction, and regulatory process sanctions and penalties (LGPD/GDPR), among others.

  • D&O insurance (Directors and Officers Liability Insurance) is aimed at protecting the assets of executives. This is civil liability insurance contracted by a legal entity with the aim of protecting the assets of its executives when their accountability is sought, judicially or administratively, for decisions that have caused involuntary damage (corporal, material or moral ) to third parties.

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