Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs or P3s)

Management of public concessions and participation in public-private partnerships (PPPs) require complex and comprehensive risk and insurance programs. In recent years, we have helped companies operating in this market, proposing customized solutions based on an in-depth analysis of the specific characteristics of each project.

O trabalho tem início na etapa de estudo de projeto e licitação e conta com a análise técnica dos riscos e potenciais prejuízos. Além do atendimento a todas as exigências do Poder Concedente, a Horiens trabalha para desenhar coberturas customizadas, com o objetivo de transferir de forma efetiva estes riscos para o mercado segurador.

Nossa expertise engloba projetos e operações de grande porte no Brasil e exterior para os setores de rodovias, trens metropolitanos, metrôs, aeroportos, portos e saneamento ao longo dos últimos 10 anos.

Engineering Risks (All Risks and ALOP)

Coverage for damages caused by insurable events (external causes and/or implementation and design error) while carrying out engineering, installation and assembly works and services, extending to financial losses resulting from delays in the commercial startup due to material damage (ALOP).

Construction General Liability

Cobertura para danos (materiais, corporais, morais e estéticos) causados a terceiros e empregados em virtude de eventos seguráveis decorrentes da obra.

Operating Risks (Material Damages and Loss of Profits)

Coverage for material damages caused to property by insurable events, with extension of coverage for loss of revenue due to material damages covered by the policy.

General Liability

Coverage for damages (material, physical, moral and aesthetic) caused to third parties and employees due to insurable events resulting from the operation.

Port Operator

Coverage of port duties, involving material and third-party damages arising from insurable accidents in the operation.

Bid Bond Insurance

Guarantee to submit the proposal/bid.

Performance Bond

Guarantee of compliance with the concession agreement.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • General Liability (Cyber Risks, Environmental, E&O, D&O, P&I, Carrier, Events)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Surety (Political Risk, Advance Payment, Judicial, Payment, Corrective Maintenance, Completion)
  • Domestic & International Transportation
  • Delay in Start-up Coverage (DSU)
  • Parametric
  • Terrorism
  • Archaeological findings
  • Aviation
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • People (Health, Life, Travel, Worker’s Compensation, among others)

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