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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Horiens has solid experience in structuring and managing global risk and insurance programs for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

With complex and sophisticated operations in a considerably dynamic market, the chemical and petrochemical industry is exposed to diverse high-impact risks. Our global risk and insurance solutions to cover people, liabilities, the environment, assets in operations, project/construction transportation (logistics) as well as operations with captive insurance/reinsurance companies and structuring of insurance programs for Project Financed-projects.

This specialized market knowledge, attained with over more than 20 years of experience in this sector, together with a long-standing relationship with the main insurance and reinsurance players, uniquely qualify us to identify, analyze, and transfer risks found in this segment.

Classification of risk profiles (Loss Control)

Consultative mapping of points of attention carried out in operations for analysis and recommendations of improvements for risk rating and mitigation of material and financial losses.

Customized solutions and insurance policies

Structuring of risk and insurance programs based on specialized knowledge of the market.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • Operating Risks - Material Damages and Loss of Profits;
  • People (Health, Life, Travel, Worker’s Compensation and others);
  • General, Product and Construction Work Liabilities;
  • Directors and Officers Liability “D&O”;
  • Export and Domestic Credit;
  • Domestic & International Transportation
  • Carrier's General Liability;
  • Delay in Start-Up Coverage (DSU)
  • General Shipowner Liability “P&I”;
  • Engineering Risks – Civil Works under Construction, Installation and Assembly and Machinery Breakdown (MBD), including Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP);
  • Surety (Judicial, Payment)
  • Terrorism
  • Aviation
  • Vehicle Fleet

Cyber Risks (Cyber Insurance)

Cyber Insurance provides protection against damages to third parties and to the insured party itself, arising from cyber breaches and attacks. Indemnities include coverages related to business interruption, asset and data recovery, privacy breach, extortion, defense and conviction, and regulatory process sanctions and penalties (LGPD/GDPR), among others.

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