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Agribusiness is highly impacted by several factors of complex management, such as climate change, water scarcity, new diseases, logistical inefficiency and price fluctuation.

Dealing with the uncertain scenario is one of the main challenges of agribusiness, so risk intelligence work is essential for the sustainable development of the sector.

Horiens has been operating in this market segment for more than 10 years, conducting integrated risk management and structuring of insurance programs aimed at the various stages of the production cycle, from harvesting to distribution. In addition, we operate in a consultative and innovative way, creating customized insurance solutions to meet the agribusiness market and its specificities.

Agricultural Productivity Risks

Recovery of productivity losses resulting from insurable events with impact on agricultural productivity, involving harvest and off-season period.

Agroclimatic Parametric

Replacement of financial losses resulting from climatic events (parametrizable) that impact on agricultural productivity.

Operating Risks (Material Damages and Loss of Profits)

Reimbursement of material damage caused to property arising from insurable events, with extension of coverage for loss of revenue generated due to material damage covered by the policy.

General Liability

Indemnification for material, bodily, moral and aesthetic damages caused to third parties and employees due to insurable events arising from the operation.

Domestic and International Transportation

Replacement of losses to the shipper and cargo owner related to damage to the load that occurred during transport.

Agricultural Equipment

Replacement of material damage resulting from accidents involving agricultural equipment.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • Civil liability (Cyber Risks, Environmental, E&O, D&O, Carrier)
  • Engineering Risks (All Risks and ALOP)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Guarantee (Advance Payment, Judicial, Payment, Corrective Maintenance, Completion)
  • Credit and Political Risk Insurance
  • Delay in Start-up Coverage (DSU)
  • Terrorism
  • Archaeological findings
  • Aviation
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • People (Health, Life, Travel, Worker’s Compensation and others);

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