Agribusiness is highly affected by diverse factors that are difficult to track, such as climate change, water shortage, diseases, logistics and price fluctuations. Dealing with an uncertain scenario is one of the biggest threats to agribusiness, which is why risk intelligence is essential for the development of the sector.

Horiens has been in this market for more than 10 years, implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) projects and structuring insurance programs for different stages of the production cycle, from harvest to distribution. Moreover, we adopt a consultative and innovative approach, creating customized insurance solutions to meet the needs of the agribusiness market and its unique characteristics.

Agricultural Risks

Coverage for financial losses arising from insurable events that affect agricultural yield, including harvest and off-season periods (planting and regrowth).


Coverage for financial losses arising from climate events that affect productivity without damages to agricultural produce.

Operating Risks (Material Damages and Loss of Profits)

Coverage for material damages caused to property by insurable events, with extension of coverage for loss of revenue due to material damages covered by the policy.

General Liability

Coverage for damages (material, physical, moral and aesthetic) caused to third parties and employees due to insurable events resulting from the operation.

Domestic and International Transportation

Insurance for the shipper and owner of cargo to protect against damages to cargo during transportation.

Agricultural Equipment

Coverage for material damages resulting from accidents involving agricultural equipment.

Other coverages and applicable products:

  • General Liability (Cyber Risks, Environmental, E&O, D&O, Carrier)
  • Engineering Risks (All Risks and ALOP)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Surety (Political Risk, Advance Payment, Judicial, Payment, Corrective Maintenance, Completion)
  • Credit
  • Delay in Start-up Coverage (DSU)
  • Terrorism
  • Archaeological findings
  • Aviation
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • People (Health, Life, Travel, Worker’s Compensation, among others)

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