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Risk Labs

Technology and Analytics to Support Business Decisions

Risk Labs

Gathering information has never been as important as it is today. Access to information, the connectivity between people and emerging technologies are some of the principal factors affecting the way we think and act. In the business world, the digital revolution and the 4.0 industry are the framework of a new mindset.

But how can we transform data into strategies in the information age? The intensive use of data science has allowed us to strengthen our knowledge and propose intelligent solutions to complex challenges.

Risk Labs is our risk analysis laboratory created for risk through statistical models predictive analytics from emerging technologies. By identifying patterns and making correlations, we are able to bring insights that help us manage risk more confidently and efficiently.

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Successful cases

Data science and technology for the optimization of the health insurance portfolio


Companies of the Odebrecht Group.

The challenge:

Health insurance pricing is a complex challenge that involves a number of risks for companies. What can we do to improve the relationship between risk and return? This was the central theme of the solution developed by Horiens considering policies with 80 thousand policyholders and a scenario in which Health Insurance represents around 20% of the companies' payroll.

Our solution?

Using statistical models and technology applied to data from the health portfolio, we build models of frequency of insurance use as well as severity linked to use. Predictive analytics. It allowed the implementation of improvements and providing more information to the negotiation and generating value for the client.

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