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Milestones in our history

40 years of Horiens

Founded in 1978 to support the insurance programs of the then Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (CNO), over the years Horiens has expanded its operations to various market segments, developing long-term partnerships with clients and insurance companies through work focused on the proposition of customized solutions.

It´s been more than 40 years of business trajectory and a transparent, dynamic and engaged acting in customer challenges.


First insurance contract in the construction of Shopping Center Rio Sul in Rio de Janeiro.


First international insurance contract in the construction of Charcani V Hydroelectric Plant in Peru.


Secured performance guarantee totaling US$272 million in the construction agreement of the P-18 platform in the Campos Basin in Rio de Janeiro.

Using guarantees to assure the capacity to deliver large-scale projects becomes a benchmark in the Brazilian market.


Innovative risk and insurance solutions for concessions and PPPs.


Securing a guarantee makes it possible to establish the petrochemical company Braskem through M&A.


Deal of the Year award given by the Trade Finance Magazine for intermediating agreement between AIG and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), which resulted in an increase of US$ 400 million in guarantees for infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Responsible for the largest engineering insurance policy and issue of guarantee in Brazil for the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant, amounting to R$9 billion and R$1.8 billion, respectively.


Starts operating in risk, insurance and guarantee programs in the oil & gas segment.


Honored by SulAmérica as the brokerage firm with longest partnership, as a result of Health Insurance policies.

Structuring of insurance program for construction of petrochemical complex in Mexico (joint venture between Braskem and Idesa Group), managing a total of US$78.9 billion in insurance and US$9.9 billion in guarantees.


Largest personal insurance portfolio managed in the company’s history: 163,000 people in Life Insurance and 200,000 people in Health Insurance.


Responsible for one of Brazil's largest agricultural insurance policies since 2016, totaling R$7.7 billion in insurance.


Project management that resulted in the first company in Latin America to become a member of the mutual insurance company Everen Limited (Everen).


Launch of the innovative BUSQ Seguros platform, focused on the quotation, contracting and management of personal insurance.

New brand launched in the market, strengthening the company’s essence and widening communication with all stakeholders.

Horiens - risk advisors


Beginning of performance with market clients


Launch of innovative methodology of agro-climatic risk analysis for productivity forecasting and creation of tailored parametric insurance, in partnership with Agrymet

Introduction of cyber risk management and insurance solution

Partnership with Sou Segura for gender equity in companies

Partnership with Gallagher in Insurance and Risk Management for the Offshore Oil & Gas and Energy Industry


Launch of the Horiens Internship Program for Black Women, in partnership with EmpregueAfro

Partnership with Sedgwick for monitoring and regulating claims on surety insurance contracts

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