Believe me: insurance, only with an insurance broker!

Do you know that saying “Insurance? Only with an insurance broker!”? Believe!

When you have a toothache, you go to a dentist, right? And when the tap breaks, you better call a plumber. So, if you want to take out insurance, you should look for a broker, right?

Yeah. The market was a little messy. There are people out there saying they can fix the tap on your house for a reasonable price, but at the end of the day, it will give you an even bigger headache. With insurance, the same thing. Keep an eye.

We are accessed very often by credit card operators, department stores and e-commerce sites offering us products such as life insurance, personal accidents, health, travel, car, home … a real avalanche of “offers”, with “unmissable prices”. An impulse purchase of insurance, or ‘married’ to the purchase of a product in a store, without the proper advice of a professional, can be an unnecessary expense and the worst: the illusion of being protected. We only understand this when we realize that we have no idea what the ‘such insurance’ guarantees us or whether the price we pay for it is right.

As the insurance broker of the Odebrecht Group, it is our duty to act as consultants to the members and to warn about the growing volume of this type of approach.

Until recently, insurance brokers were seen only as salespeople, but that has changed a lot. Today they are perceived as trained consultants to assist in their decisions when thinking about protecting life and heritage. A broker needs a license to work, he conducts a training exam to obtain the professional registration issued by the Insurance Superintendence (SUSEP).

The broker is able to understand your protection needs and identify the appropriate insurance for them. You are free to ask anything you want, to know what you are hiring, to be able to compare plans and insurers. And the broker must clarify everything, until you are sure of your purchase.

It is also up to your broker to help you understand all those technical words, typical of ‘insures’, that appear in the proposal and in the policy – a document that formalizes an insurance contract. You must know your insurer’s rights and obligations clearly and understand what your insurance will not cover. Have you thought about the worst time to discover that you will not be able to count on your insurance?

So, if you have a qualified and qualified professional at your disposal to take care of your protection, why are you going to go into a cold by taking out insurance without his help? Looking for your broker is always the safest decision!

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