An opportunity to talk about health and prevention

The Horiens team visits an Atvos’ field to discuss health and prevention issues with policyholders. Know more.

A partnership relationship with the Client is built on a daily basis, by being close and sharing experiences and challenges together, especially in the field. This vision and action geared towards the Client is our premise and one of the main differentials of the Horiens work model. “We put ourselves in our Client’s shoes to develop solutions; we often say that for real collaboratation it is important to look through the Client’s eyes, understand the needs and priorities of our Client ”, explains Laudelino Soares, Horiens’ Personal Insurance area Lead.

This translates into taking daily actions, such as the event that took place during the SIPAT (from the acronym in Portuguese, “Work Accident Prevention Week”) held by Atvos, one of Horiens’ clients in the agro-industrial segment.

In February, Horiens’ Personal Insurance team toured the Atvos Morro Vermelho, Água Emendida and Rio Claro units in Goiás, Costa Rica, and Mato Grosso do Sul and Conquista do Pontal, within São Paulo, to answer policyholders’ questions about their Health and Dental Plan. The insurance companies SulAmérica, which serves Atvos for Health Insurance, and Odontoprev, which offers dental coverage, came together, actively participating in the event.

“Atvos’ focus was to encourage prevention by offering information and customer support. And having access to health and dental plans is a relevant attitude in this regard, ”says Laudelino. “Insurers today have prevention and health monitoring programs that are important to prevent diseases or even the worsening of health conditions when detected early,” explains Laudelino.

Such programs are common in companies that Horiens serves, with the support of insurance companies. The focus is on the management of diseases, including chronic ones, spine issues, healthy aging, and pregnancy support, among others. “Being present in each Unit strengthens our knowledge of the specific needs of each region where our Client operates and allows us to offer personalized service. We are aware of the confidence placed in our work when meeting with Client managers and those implementing the health plans ”, says Caroline Lucena, member of the Horiens team supporting Atvos. “For policyholders and their dependents, knowing that there is a company concerned with meeting their needs, brings peace of mind and comfort”, highlights Caroline.

Marli Marli Mazzini, Atvos’ Human Resources and Personnel Relations Lead, highlights the importance of the presence of Horiens and insurers during SIPAT. “In addition to answering their questions, our employees had the opportunity to evidence the relevance of these partnerships who are in constant search for the best care for their health, quality of their life and well-being and that of their families. We thank the Horiens’ team for parterning with us in Atvos’ relentless pursuit of sustainability and quality for the benefit plans we offer”.

At Atvos, in addition to clarifying information about the programs, the health discussion included the topic of the conscious use of the Health and Dental plans. “Their conscious and responsible use benefits everyone. It is very important that each employee is aware of this as well as their family members who also use the benefits. We always say: knowing how to use the benefits, they will never be without. Providing guidance and offering the right resources is our role. Thinking about the collective is everyone’s duty ”, says Laudelino.

Setta“I am fully convinced that our presence at Atvos’ Units, as well as direct contact with our employees, are the most powerful tools to achieve excellence in the proper use of Health and Dental plans. The Horiens’ teams, alongside those from SulAmérica and Odontoprev, have done an excellent job in our facilities” – Dr. José Henrique Setta, Medical Lead at Atvos.

More information, more benefits day-to-day

For Rosi Alves, an employee in our Human Resources’ team at the Atvos’ Araguaia Hub, the participation of Horiens and the insurance companies in this year’s SIPAT provided a lot of useful information for everyday life.

Rosi“We had the possibility to learn in detail some of the benefits that the plans offer at no cost to us and free of charge to co-participate. In this SIPAT, I learned, for example, of available options such as the insurance mobile application, which provides Medical On-Screen service, a service model that allows patients to consult a doctor online through videoconference, without the need to go anywhere. Their 0800 telephone number is another excellent resource, which can guide you to determine if you need to seek emergency care or not” she explains. “For me, in my role as employee and member of the company’s Human Resources (HR) team, it was very enriching to disseminate this information to employees”.


Check out the photos showing Horiens and insurers at Atvos’ SIPAT

Equipe Horiens

Part of Horiens’ role in Atvos’ SIPAT was to meet with Unit leaders, focusing on analyzing data and mitigating risks to offer the best service to employees.

Equipe Horiens

In these round of visits, around 3,000 employees were able to learn more about the SulAmérica and Odontoprev plans, in addition to discussing their health care and the conscious use of available plans.

Periodically, Horiens holds committee meetings with Atvos’ medical personnel from their Units, bringing insurers into the dialogue to address matters pertinent to employee health management. Actions taken are supported by programs for the management of chronic diseases, pregnant women, among others offered through the health plans.

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