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Horiens is committed to allowing all network users to access the website, offering visitors a visually rich experience.

Standard web

Horiens follows the W3C standard 1.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for level AA. All pages use XHTML with semantic and structured markup. The visual style is provided by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and advanced user interaction is provided by JavaScript. Horiens is fully accessible to users who do not have CSS or JavaScript. In those parts where images are used to show important textual content, text is available as an alternative.

Keyboard navigation

This site supports standard keyboard navigation via the tab key.

Font size

Modern browsers support text resizing or page zooming, allowing users to increase the size of the main content of the page.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 does not support W3C standards when it comes to scaling text. It is recommended that users who need to resize text upgrade to a standards-compliant browser that provides text resizing or zooming.

After selecting the text size or the zoom level, it is recommended that users update the browser window, as some headers will not be resized until this operation has been completed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Select View, then Text Size, and then your preferred size.

Mozilla Firefox
Select View, then Text Size and select Increase or Decrease. Where Zoom is available, select View, then Zoom and then Zoom In or Zoom Out.

Apple Safari (OS X)
Select View, then Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller or hold down the apple/cmd key and press the + and – keys to increase or decrease the font size.

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